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Don't Bother Me

ZS Virago
8 December

16 horsepower, abortion rights, adolescent literature, agnosticism, alternative health, anger, asian food, bald women, banana yoshimoto, bats, beans, bento boxes, bitch magazine, bjork, black, bookbinding, books, boots, borderlines, breaking boundaries, buddhism, buffy the vampire slayer, cats, chakras, chaos theory, charles de lint, cheese, combat boots, combichrist, cooking, corsets, cybergoth, cyndi lauper, dancer in the dark, dancing, darren aronofsky, diamanda galas, disaster action team, donnie darko, dulce liquido, earthships, ebm, erotica, fear factory, feminism, fiber arts, fishnets, food, food science, francesca lia block, freaks, frontline assembly, full moons, funker vogt, ganesa, ghost dog, gir, go, gourmet food, graphic novels, haruki murakami, heathers, hinduism, hocico, hot pink, hunger, incense, industrial, invader zim, japan, john cusack, johnny cash, kali, knitting, kukl, kyle, learning disorders, les fleurs du mal, libraries, literacy, literature, love, lunar calendars, mac cosmetics, mail, mathematics, mersenne primes, modern art, monkeys, neuroticfish, nick bantock, number theory, numbers, odd numbers, organic foods, outkast, paul erdos, philip glass, pi, pinot noir, pj harvey, platform beds, prime numbers, quantum physics, red cross, rioja, rivet, sewing, sexuality, siva, skinny puppy, sleep, snakes, spicy food, st. louis, starry nights, string theory, stromkern, suicide commando, sushi, taiko, tattoos, tea, the cure, the rza, the sugarcubes, thomas pynchon, thunderstorms, tim burton, tom waits, tori amos, tower grove park, tutoring, urban living, vin diesel, vnv nation, volunteering, washoku, waterfalls, wine, women's issues, wool dreads, words, wu-tang clan, wumpscut, yarn, yoga, zen, zero, zombie survival